2-day layover in Charleston Marina

After a 2-day layover in Charleston Marina awaiting haul out, Swift Trawler 47 was lifted out of the water and Captain and crew got their first look below the waterline. Upon visual inspection there was evident damage to three of the four blades on the port prop but no apparent damage to strut, shaft rudder or transmission.  The decision was made to order both a port and starboard propeller and to block the Swift Trawler 47 out of the water to wait for the arrival of the replacement propellers from overseas.  The starboard propeller arrived on Friday May 10th however the Port prop, the side with the damage, was still en-route.   

After a more detailed assessment by owner Ray Cox at Gidding’s Boat Works, it was confirmed the damage sustained was limited to the port prop.  With a new prop enroute from France, we left Coos Bay for with an anticipated return on Tuesday May 14th. 

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