42 Miles to Catalina



Change of Captain and Crew to take her on her last and exciting leg from Los Angeles to Catalina and the Channel Islands for a diving expedition with Doc White and then on to San Diego.  Thank you to Capt Jackson Willett for your professionalism and care for the boat!


New Captain Barrett Canfield of South Coast Yachts and his daughter Grace arrived at the boat in Marina Del Rey with Doc & Ceci White and the film crew at 10am.  Thank you to Denison Yachts & Naos Yachts in Marina del Rey (MDR) for cleaning her and prepping her for this final leg.  After over 1000 miles, the ST47 was found to be in excellent working order with all systems running properly.


The new crew departed MDR at 12:15pm and motored back out of the channel at 5 knots into the Pacific.  Leaving the MDR breakwater at 12:30, we lifted her to 2100 rpms giving 15 knots of boat speed and a course of 150 degrees toward the Isthmus at Santa Catalina Island.  The seas were lightly rolling at 2-3’ and winds were light out of the northwest at 7 knots (Ideal).  The Swift Trawler 47 showed her grace with a comfortable ride taking 2.5 hours on the 42 mile journey.


A pod of Risso Dolphins greeted us a mile off of Ship Rock, so we slowed to 6 knots to prepare the camera equipment.  Doc White was able to shoot stills and video while the pod surfaced within 15 feet of the Swift Trawler 47.  Seeing these beautiful creatures watching our moves was the start to what we will remember as an incredible Memorial Day Weekend.   The sight of a baby Risso imitating a Ramora on his mother’s side made our day. It is amazing to get away from land and witness the abundance of life in the Pacific.  Having the vast knowledge of Doc White aboard was an education for all of us. (I never heard of a Risso!)


Now with the ST47 safely on the hook at Two Harbors, the crew headed in to the Harbor Reef restaurant for a hearty meal.  Catalina Island, a boating paradise just 24 miles off the Southern California coast is a gift if you choose to venture out.  We are grateful to be anchored peacefully in one of our favorite coves


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