First Stop

With a 14:30 departure from the dock at Denison Yachts, Swift Trawler 47, flanked by her escort squadron of sister ships Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 and 44, headed into Portage Bay and made a crowd pleasing formation fly-by before peeling off to point her nose up the channel towards the Ballard Locks.

After clearing the locks and passing the lateral marks for the transition into Puget sound, Swift 47 cracked the throttles to 2700 rpms drawing a few appreciative looks as she accelerated past her fellow lock transients to an economical cruise speed of 20 knots.

Leaving snowcapped Mt Rainer dead astern Swift 47 merged into the northbound traffic lane and 2.5 hours later arrived at Port Townsend with the light of the setting sun. After securing the vessel at the linear dock, captain and crew headed into town for a well-deserved meal and a good night’s rest.

Captain Jackson Willett

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