Marina del Rey

With the intermittent autopilot acting up again, the crew assumed manual steering, which, accompanied by a dense fog that reduced visibility to zero, cut short the celebration as holding course required intense concentration during the pre-dawn hours of the night.  With a lack of any stationary terra or celestial objects to guide on for reference, captain and crew were subject to frequent moments of vertigo in the pre-dawn darkness, until the welcome glow of sunrise lifted the grey veil and a bluebird day unfolded in front of us.

1000 LAT 34 00’.5N LON 118 30’ .7W BRG 100T SPD 22kts

With dolphins trailing in the stern wake ST47 was met by an escort vessel led by Bob Denison, President and Founder of Denison Yacht Sales.  Cruising at a smart 22kts both vessels entered Marina del Rey and made their way to the Denison dealership docks. After introductions and a warm dockside welcome, captain and crew secured their leg of the Swift Pacific Adventure while cleaning crews boarded in preparation for her Memorial Weekend cruise to the Channel Islands with world famous photographer Doc White, his wife Ceci and Barrett Canfield, owner of the South Coast Yachts Beneteau dealership located in San Diego.

Stay tuned shipmates!!


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