Underway from Monterey Bay

Under the reproachful gaze of a family of sea otters that had decided to make our slipway their buffet table and were forced to relocate, ST47 exited the sanctuary of Monterey Bay and quickly found herself facing the remnants of a gale warning that had passed through less than 12 hours earlier. As ST47 turned south she easily tracked down the face of the 12-15 ft quartering NW swell on her stern and made turns for 10 knots to time our arrival off Pt. Conception.  Despite forecast assurances of diminishing winds and seas the crew took quiet notice of the current 20-25’ seas and 30-40kt winds off Pt. Conception.  Although weather routing had not yet steered us wrong, the weather patterns off the headland at Lompoc was notoriously fickle for creating its own weather systems and defying forecasts. Time would tell as the miles continued to slip beneath the keel.

0145 LAT 34 23’.5 N LON 120 32’ .2W BRG 146T Speed: 15kts

Under broken cirrus clouds, which portend fair weather for the day ahead, ST47 rounded Pt Conception in a 4-6’ swell directly astern, 10kts of wind out of the West and tracked Eastward down a moonlit path lit by the 79% waning gibbous moon.  As the 30sec interval lighthouse beacon of Pt Conception fell astern captain and crew fired up the galley and celebrated with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink breakfast scramble which was promptly dubbed the “Pt. Conception Scramble”.   However, in keeping with the poultry reference, remember the one about “counting chickens until they’re hatched”?

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