Departing Monterey Bay

Catalina Island is a much loved destination, just 29 nm southwest of Long Beach, it welcomes nearly one million visitors annually.  It's a boater's paradise. You can tuck into a picturesque cove and feel like you are on holiday in the Mediterranean. Innumerable activities await - ocean exploring or hiking, enjoying the picturesque town of Avalon, with its iconic Casino, or venturing to the many inlets along the 22-mile long island, a great adventure awaits. ST47 will head 36 nm northwest from Catalina Island to Santa Barbara Island, the smallest of the Channel Island chain at one square mile. However small and isolated the island may appear, it is a National Marine Sanctuary and home to a plethora of marine life and seabirds. It is a sea lion rookery and seabird nesting site. Sea Lions, harbor seals, northern elephant seals offer endless entertainment.

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